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Best, Fastest App

At least as a manual camera app, for iOS.

Sure, there's the big, truly innovative items for the app, Camera Swift, that I think make it the best. There's focus bracketing, not found in any other app, and not in any traditional camera, for the most part. There's the shadow shutter button that shadows your touch, for power users. Then there's the velocity- sensitive, logarithmic swipes, again unique, that adjust shutter speed, ISO, focus, and even finely vary white balance, that enable Camera Swift to not only be the best, but the fastest to adjust the iPhone camera for that one-of-a-kind shot.

But there are fine details too. Imagine an app that puts a readout for the shutter speed on... well, the shutter button. That's Camera Swift. Then there's the color-coded display for the ISO that shows at a glance whether the ISO is at an ideal level or if it's too high or not. So the photographer knows at all times what the exposure setting is, and if it's the right one.

Today I'm announcing the release of version 1.5 of Camera Swift, which adds a strong, variable velocity- sensitive component to the bottom scan strip for the photo browser. With it, if you have hundreds or thousands of pictures in the Camera Roll, you can get to any photo faster, much faster than in any other app.

So try out the app, and if you like it please leave a review in the app store, and thanks!

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